What DAW Does Kanye Use To Produce Music? – Artist Guide 2022

What DAW does Kanye Use? – One of today’s most well-known and significant musical figures is Kanye West. Being one of the most prolific recording artists of all time, he has recorded numerous albums and singles. But which digital audio workstation—or DAW—does Kanye employ to produce his music? In this article, What Do Use will

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what 808 does rod wave use

What 808 Does Rod Wave Use? Making A Rod Wave Type Beat 2022 

What 808 does Rod Wave use? Why do we have to discuss this topic at Whatweuse.com? Undoubtedly, one of the most essential components of contemporary hip hop is the 808 kick drum sample. They have a lot of low-end and sustain, which gives them a strong punch. Definitely, 808s when blended well, may give the

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What strings does Norman Blake use

What Strings Does Norman Blake Use? Full Guitar Guide 2022

What strings does Norman Blake use? – If you are a big fan of guitar and follow many famous guitarists, Norman Blake must be one of the tops of the list. His flicking-water-with-fingers skill rocked the world and became iconic over decades. Here’s where we discussed his early life, his solo works, and of course,

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