what 808 does rod wave use

What 808 Does Rod Wave Use? Making A Rod Wave Type Beat 2022 

What 808 does Rod Wave use? Why do we have to discuss this topic at Whatweuse.com? Undoubtedly, one of the most essential components of contemporary hip hop is the 808 kick drum sample. They have a lot of low-end and sustain, which gives them a strong punch. Definitely, 808s when blended well, may give the song a large, powerful feel.

However, when mixed incorrectly, 808s might sound thin and weak, giving your track a dull sound. The voices may also be difficult to hear if they are boomy and muddy. So, find out “What 808 does Rod Wave use?” will help you improve the song quality by making use of the most of its strengths. Let’s go for it!

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Who is Rod Wave?

Rapper and performer Rod Wave, real name Rodarius Marcell Green, is American rapper and singer.  He has been praised as a pioneer of soul-trap and is known for his powerful voice, combination of R&B and hip hop, and his use of these genres.

what 808 does rod wave use

Rod Wave – famous singer and rapper

Rod Wave’s expanding discography might be likened to a wide range of acts, both dead and alive, as sensitive trap crooners have been popular in mainstream rap for more than a decade.

Nevertheless, Rod Wave has been able to create a unique lane. He gives his all to the singing, forgoing Autotune enhancements and refusing to switch back to a rap artist’s cadence.

He occasionally switched between a gentle midrange croon and a deep, bluesy bellow reminiscent of Kevin Gates on earlier albums. The latter continues to be a major inspiration: Rod Wave sings, “I was just on the bus stop, going higher than my brain/Headphones in, listening to Kevin Gates,” in the song “No Deal,” reflecting on his youth.

What 808 does Rod Wave use? 

It’s hard for whatweuse.com to describe exactly the process of What 808 does Rod Wave use, because it’s hard to write down all the details he’s used to create his own 808. Here are some videos that may help you to create 808 on your own based on Rod Wave guidelines:

Who makes Rod Waves beats?

Music producer Alex Stoddard ‘23.5, often known as A$tod in the music industry, has written songs for hip-hop singers like Yung Bleu, OMB Peezy, and Rod Wave. The album SoulFly by Rod Wave, which features the Stoddard-produced song “OMDB,” was nominated for an American Music Award in October.

Music producer Alex Stoddard ‘23.5, often known as A$tod

What autotune does Rod Wave use? 

Nevertheless, Rod Wave has been striving to create a unique lane. He gives his all to the singing, forgoing Autotune enhancements and refusing to switch back to a rap artist’s cadence.

5 step to make 808s becomes punchy and clear 

what 808 does rod wave use

5 step to make 808s becomes punchy and clear

Use the right sample at the beginning

It is useless to try to polish a turd.  But many mixers do that when it comes to 808s.

Working with a subpar 808 sample will make the task more difficult than it needs to be. Start with the correct ingredients instead.

Find 808 samples that are crisp and powerful. Keep an ear out for harsh harmonics and unusual overtones. Start off with something more straightforward. Character can always be added later.

Shape around your own 808s

Many mixers try to add things to their 808s to make them cut better.

More low end, tape saturation, and distortion.  The reality?  If your 808 isn’t getting through, something else is probably getting in the way.

This implies that you’ll frequently achieve greater results by ignoring the 808 and designing other tracks to work around it.  You don’t need a lot of sub from anything else if the 808 is controlling the sub-range of the frequency spectrum.

Don’t add extra low end to tracks that don’t require it. Kicks, basses, and synths are frequently to blame. The friends you have are high-pass filters.

The 808 will frequently cut through without any processing if you give it room to breathe. You can accomplish this by employing a method known as “subtractive EQ.”

Distortion should be added properly 

Almost exclusively low-end frequencies make up 808s. This is why mixing them is challenging.

While they might be audible on large speakers, they frequently vanish on smaller ones that are unable to reproduce sub frequencies.

How then do 808s sound good on laptops, headphones, and iPhones?

Distortion, in a nutshell.

An 808 will produce harmonics that rise up the frequency range when distortion is added. These may be played back on small speakers, which will aid in the 808’s success.

Although this method frequently succeeds, be practical. On an iPhone, an 808 will never sound powerful. The rules of physics would be broken by this.  Subtlety is important when using 808s to apply distortion. You don’t have to be overbearing. The solution is just to add some color.

Length: Should be considered

Longer is better. Don’t forget to turn off your 808s before the following kick or downbeat.  Use volume automation to manually end your 808 if it has already been published to audio. Program the 808 so that it releases properly if you have access to the MIDI.

Besides, shorter is always preferable when in doubt. This is frequently the key to incorporating 808s into busy tracks.

Improve The Transients

You don’t need a sharp transient on the 808 as well if your kick has one. The two tracks will stop interfering with one another if the transient on the 808 is removed. The kick will deliver the initial blow, while the 808 will take care of the body and maintain.  To do this, sidechain compression could be used. This is how:

  • Compressor should be added to 808.

  • Into the sidechain input, direct the kick.

  • Set the attack speed to the fastest setting so that every time the kick connects, the 808 briefly dims. This will reduce the 808’s transient.

  • Once the kick kicks in, adjust the release such that the 808 returns naturally to full volume.

What do 808 producers and mixers use ? 

Practice, practice, practice in any situation. You will eventually devise your own strategies to reach the same destination that we are all attempting to reach. However, here are some advice that whatweuse have:

Digital Farm Animals

Digital Farm Animals

Producer, DJ & Remixer

(Galantis, Nelly, R. Kelly, will.i.am)

Here’s my normal process for processing 808s:

  1. First, make sure you’re using the right sound to begin with! One recommendation I have is the 808 Warfare for Kontakt.

  2. I normally get rid of any high frequencies I don’t need using an EQ plugin – normally from 500 Hz upwards. I will also sometimes get rid of some of the very low frequencies, 0-25 Hz, if I don’t intend to use them.

  3. Quite often I will boost the lower mids using Renaissance Bass. This allows me to give a precise boost in whatever area I want to feel the 808s most.

  4. Normally I will put 808s in mono.

  5. Lastly, I usually sidechain the 808 to the kick drum.

Morgan Page

Morgan Page

DJ, Producer & Remixer

(Madonna, Katy Perry, Tegan & Sara)

For big bass-heavy drums, it’s all about space and contrast. Try sidechaining the long sustained bass hit to a separate punchy top kick, so the low end has a slow attack.

This space allows the punch of the beater to cut through, before the tail of the bass rings out. Here, you can check out some of my recommendation:

  • 808 Chunky Sub Bass – PuigTec MEQ-5

  • 808 Hat Softener – PuigTec EQP-1A

  • 808 Thick Kick – PuigTec EQP-1A

  • 808 Sub Kick – PuigTec EQP-1A

  • 808 Kick Intensifier – Renaissance Bass

  • 808 Toight Snare – SSL E-Channel

Final thoughts: What 808 does Rod Wave use

It doesn’t happen very frequently that one sound or piece of equipment ignites an entire new musical movement.  The TR-808 and the 808 bass, however, unquestionably belong in this group.

Nothing compares to the satisfying sound of your track resonating through a club’s audio system with the aid of an excellent 808 kit. So, put some 808s in your upcoming track now!


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