What clubs does Tiger Woods use

[GOLF 2022] What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use In Tournament?

What clubs does Tiger Woods use in 2022? This is considered one of the most researched questions on the Internet due to the reputation of Tiger Woods, who has been one of the most successful golf players in history.

Golfers everywhere are always looking for an edge on the green. They want to know what clubs the best players in the world are using so they can try and copy their techniques. Well, wonder no more. We have looked into what clubs Tiger Woods uses and why he chooses them. Check out our blog post to learn more!

Who is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods looks to claim his sixth Green Jacket this week at Augusta National. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers who have ever lived. His achievements on the course are unmatched, and his drive to win has inspired millions. He was also one of the most popular athletes in history, thanks in large part to a tumultuous personal life that kept him in the headlines for years.

Woods was born in Cypress, California, on December 30, 1975. His father, Earl Woods, was a Vietnam veteran who had become fascinated by golf after seeing it played during his service. He would later describe Tiger as the “third major accomplishment” of his life (along with military service and two marriages).

Woods began playing golf at age three and was scarcely out of the spotlight from there on. He was featured in Sports Illustrated at age two, and later appeared on the cover of Golf Digest when he was six years old.

What clubs does Tiger Woods use in 2022?

One big question that many people are asking about Woods is what clubs he uses now and will be using in the coming years. He has always been a big fan of Titleist, and he currently uses their 915 drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons.

Woods also prefers TaylorMade drivers, woods and irons. In fact, he has had so much success with these clubs that they are among the top-selling golf clubs each year.

Tiger Woods’s Club Driver: TAYLORMADE STEALTH PLUS

What clubs does Tiger Woods use

At the 2021 PNC Championship, the 15-time major winner had a TaylorMade SIM driver in his bag but joined forces with the new TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver.

The Mitsubishi Diamana shaft provides 8.25 degrees of loft, making the Stealth Plus model ideal for those with a faster swing or who are more consistent ball-strikers. This is the first answer for What clubs does Tiger Woods useSome are coming up next.

Tiger Woods’s Club Fairways: TAYLORMADE SIM TI, TAYLORMADE M3

What clubs does Tiger Woods use

Tiger has recently changes his fairway wood setup, and it now looks like he is carrying the TaylorMade SIM Ti model as his three-wood. He was also using a SIM Ti five-wood, but has switched back to the M3 model.

They have 13.5 and 19 degrees of loft and both are fitted with Mitsubishi Diamana shafts. The M3 is the club that occasionally comes out of the setup for a longer iron, for example he removed the club for a P770 two-iron during the 2022 PGA Championship.

Tiger Woods’s Club Irons: TAYLORMADE P770, TAYLORMADE P7TW

What clubs does Tiger Woods use

Occasionally, Woods has put a few longer irons in his golf bag instead of fairway woods. For example, at the 2022 PGA Championship he replaced his M3 fairway wood with a P770 two and three-iron. His other clubs followed suit that day as well; he also had a P7TW three-iron.

In 2019, Tiger Woods switched from the TW Phase 1 bladed irons to the P7TW Prototypes. These clubs go from four-iron down to pitching wedge. There is an excerpt related to iron clubs on Golf.com said; “Woods has the tungsten positioned in each club to produce a specific combination of flight, feel and control he’s come to rely on over the years.”

An interesting fact is that in Woods’ set, CG actually progresses toward the toe in short irons. The main difference between the P7TW’s and the P730’s is their milled grind soles; this was also the first time that company has used CNC milling process on something other than a wedge.

Tiger Woods’s Club Wedges: TAYLORMADE MG3 TW GRIND

What clubs does Tiger Woods use

Because most of his game relies on feel, the 15-time Major winner is very particular about his wedges. He usually sticks with a model that works for him and right now he uses two TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 models which have 56 and 60 degrees of loft.

However, he appears to be lacking a gap wedge but his sand wedge may be stronger than the 56° it says or his PW may be a touch weaker. The lack of gap wedge allows him more options at the top end of the bag, hence why he has irons from 2/3-PW in his set.

What golf clubs will Tiger Woods be using in 2022? It’s hard to tell definitively, but there is a good possibility that he will stay with his current favorites. A lot of those clubs have been employed for numerous years and still perform well on the course, so it makes sense that Woods would want to stick with them.

Tiger Woods’ Club Putter: SCOTTY CAMERON GSS NEWPORT 2

What clubs does Tiger Woods use

Here come to the last golf club to answer the question What clubs does Tiger Woods use.

After trying out multiple putter models over the years, Tiger Woods usually goes back to his Scotty Cameron GSS Newport 2. In fact, the very same model of Newport 2 GSS putter he won all but one of his 15 Majors with has become world-famous.

In fact, an old backup build by Scotty Cameron in 2001 recently sold at auction for $44,000.

Why does Tiger Woods use different clubs in different games?

There are a number of different clubs that Tiger Woods uses in his golf game to maximize his performance on the course of this sport. These include drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

  • Drivers are long-hitting clubs designed for maximum distance off the tee.
  • Fairway woods are shorter-shafted and more forgiving clubs used when the ball is off the fairway or on a hill, allowing for more accuracy and control.
  • Hybrids are a combination of irons and woods that combine the best characteristics of both types of clubs.
  • Irons are typically used as approach shot clubs, providing precision and consistency to get the ball close to the hole.
  • Wedges are specialized clubs used for shots around the green, including pitches and bunker shots.
  • Putters are short-shafted clubs designed for maximum control on short approach shots and putting.

Each of these clubs serves a specific purpose in helping Tiger Woods achieve his desired results on the course, from distance and accuracy to precision and control.

How does Woods choose which club to use in a particular situation during a game of golf?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the choice of club often depends on a number of different factors, including player skill level, course conditions, wind speed and direction, lie conditions on the fairway or green, and many others.

That being said, Woods is generally known for using a variety of clubs during his golf game depending


This article just wrapped up everything about What clubs does Tiger Woods use. Even if you’re not quite at Tiger Woods’ level, there’s a lot that average golfers can learn from his approach to the game. His clubs are just one part of that. If you’re looking to up your own golfing game, be sure to check out our blog – whatdoesuse.com for more advice and tips from the pros. Thanks for reading!