What DAW Does Kanye Use To Produce Music? – Artist Guide 2022

What DAW does Kanye Use? – One of today’s most well-known and significant musical figures is Kanye West. Being one of the most prolific recording artists of all time, he has recorded numerous albums and singles. But which digital audio workstation—or DAW—does Kanye employ to produce his music?

In this article, What Do Use will look at the DAWs that some of the biggest recording artists in the world use and how that affects how they create music.

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What is a DAW?

what daw does kanye use

What is DAW? – A digital audio workstation

A digital audio workstation, sometimes known as a DAW, is a piece of music production software that enables musicians to record, edit, and mix audio all within the same program. Digital audio workstations speed up the process of taking one’s musical ideas from conception to completion.

DAWs revolutionized the music business by enabling several artists to create music on their own schedules. With the convenience of DAWs taking control, the demand for pricey equipment and studio time started to decline.

What DAW does Kanye use? 

what daw does kanye useWhat DAW does Kanye use?

Actually, Kanye West frequently composes music without the aid of a DAW. He writes, samples, and adds beats using hardware. He and his group have been observed recording with FL Studio as well as Pro Tools.

“I don’t utilize a lot of technology or a computer in my studio.” Kanye said these things in a previous interview.

Kanye is not a fan of DAWs or computers. He prefers to maintain his straightforward, traditional approach to producing music in the analog style.

Furthermore, he solely utilized a sampling keyboard to create some of the older tracks. In any case, Kanye began making music long before DAWs were as commonplace as they are now.

A brilliant scene in “The MC: Why We Do It: A Hip-Hop Documentary” is when Kanye demonstrates his songwriting prowess by using his sampling keyboard, adding rhythms, and then appreciating the result. It comes from the actual recording of Do Or Die and Kanye West’s song “Higher.”

What DAW does Kanye use during the Recording Process?

What DAW Does Kanye Use

Kanye began utilizing DAWs, at least throughout the recording stage of the production, just like the majority of musicians do nowadays.

He only uses Pro Tools to edit his tracks after producing them with the sampling keyboard. The goal here is to achieve the advantages that the digital world offers, chief among them the best possible sound quality.

For instance, he sampled numerous songs for his first studio album, “The College Dropout,” including “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” by Dinah Washington and “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan. He creates his samples from 70s soul music, which he is a big fan of.

He sampled the tunes, changed the pitch to make the songs faster, and produced his own beats using his ASR-10. He utilized Pro Tools to record the tracks after completing all of these steps. The DAW is therefore present, but it is only used for recording, not for production.

How does Kanye West produce his music nowadays?

As much as Kanye West cherished utilizing analog synths in the past to create his music. He now composes music using a DAW as well. In the twenty-first century, it is simply more practical to create music using both analog and digital technologies.

Therefore, Kanye West processes his beats utilizing the Digital Audio Workstation called Pro Tools after making them with analog equipment. Pro Tools is mainly used by him to record tracks; he doesn’t really use it to fully produce his tunes. Nobody truly knows if Kanye West has altered his method of music production or if he is working more digitally.

What is the best DAW of all time? 

Ableton Live

best hip hop daw Ableton
Ableton Live – Best DAWs of all times

Digital audio workstation Ableton Live, a leader in the field, is ideal for electronic music production and live performances. Hip-hop is unquestionably included in this.

When it comes to electronic music, Ableton Live is a true powerhouse, providing countless options for music production. Producers of hip-hop who are looking for a unique way to create music can find it with Ableton.


  • Has an unlimited number of midi and audio tracks.

  • Editing without harming your device.

  • Suitable for live performances


  • Curve for learning

  • The suite edition might be somewhat expensive.


  • First Edition: $99

  • Edition Standard: $449

  • Edition Suite: $749

 DW FL Studio

best daw for hip hop fl studio
FL Studio – Best DAWs of all times

FL Studio by Image-Line is whatdouse’s second-best DAW for creating hip hop songs. For quite some time now, Fruity Loops has been the preferred DAW program for many hip-hop producers, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It has been praised as the worldwide champion of ambitious bedroom producers.

FL Studio is renowned for its piano roll feature and click-style step sequencer, which make midi sequencing simple. It’s simple to perform the 808 slides and hi-hat rolls used in modern hip hop.


  • Lifetime updates without charge

  • Wonderful piano roll

  • Utilizable Cons

  • Stock noises are the greatest.


  • Doesn’t offer as many options for recording voices as some DAWs


  • $99 For the Fruity Edition

  • $199: Manufacturer’s Edition

  • $29: For the Signature Edition

  • $499: Edition with all plugins:

DAW Bitwig Studio

best daw for hip hop bitwig

Bitwig – What DAWs does Kanye use?

Bitwig Studio is the next-best DAW for hip hop. With the help of this digital audio workstation, you can speed up the creative process and turn your concepts into finished songs and compositions.

Moreover,  Bitwig is a powerful DAW that includes more than 130 virtual instruments, effects, and modulators to help you finish your projects.

The “Sampler” module will attract sampling enthusiasts because it is an effective tool for playing and modifying audio. Bitwig’s complete edition enables the unrestricted production of audio, hybrid, and instrument tracks. You can also take advantage of 24 note fx, 44 audio effects, 13 instruments, and more.


  • Simple automation

  • The Grid Modular Sound Design

  • Expressive MIDI plugin crash protection is supported

  • Numerous MIDI instruments supported on a single track


  • Doesn’t support playing back videos


  • Full – $399 16-Track – $99

DAW Curbase 12 


  • Functions for Groove Agent Drum Module AudioWarping

  • Supports Random Access to Audio (ARA)


  • Curve for learning

  • The Pro edition is kind of expensive.


  • Cubase Elements costs $99

  • Cubase Artist costs $329

  • Cubase Pro costs $579.

Reason Studios Reason 12

hip hop daw reason 12

Reason Studios Reason 12- Best DAWs of all times

Reason by Reason Studios is the upcoming hip hop music DAW choice (formerly Propellerhead). Reason is renowned for having a single-window interface in the analog manner, complete with racks, patch bays, and other features. The UI is highly well-organized and has a vertical scrolling movement.

There are numerous onboard effects, virtual instruments, and samples available for customization. You have the option of connecting almost every device, providing you the most customized rack. You may stay current with new, freely available expansion packs and add-ons by using the reason rack plugin.

It’s also cool to note that a few well-known third-party software providers have developed special racks just for the Reason platform.

They retain their authentically vintage appearance while allowing you to connect them to other instruments and effects in the same way that you would any stock instrument.

For those coming from more simple DAWs, Reason’s primary drawback would be getting accustomed to the patch bay workflow.

You’ll discover that reason can truly push your ideas for music creation in ways you never would have imagined if that isn’t enough to deter you. It is a top-notch digital audio workstation that compares favorably with the best.


  • Monthly subscription fee of $19.99

  • Full Version of Reason 12 fee of $499

Do you have to use What DAW does Kanye use to be a successful music artist?

What DAW Does Kanye Use?

Absolutely NOT.

Whatdouse believe that if you want to succeed as a musician, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to or even try to imitate other musicians or buy exactly the same musical instruments as theirs.

Instead, just listen to some of your favorite musicians to get inspired and encouraged to put in hard effort and produce amazing music on your own.

Try to identify aspects of you and your music that are distinctive and unusual as you concentrate on developing your brand as a musician.

It makes no difference what DAW or tools you use to make music. In the end, the most essential thing is that you are at ease using your DAW and equipment, allowing you to completely express your creativity and produce music that you are happy with.

FAQ of What DAW does Kanya use? 

What DAW does Drake use?

Avid Pro Tools. Adobe Live. Steinberg WaveLab and Cubase Pro.

What DAW does Playboi carti use?

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x White.

What DAW does Jay Z use?

FabFilter Pro-Q 3.

What DAW does Kendrick Lamar use?

Pro Tools serves as the main software for Kendrick Lamar’s music composition.

What DAW does Dr Dre use?

With notable users like Dr. Dre, J Dilla, DJ Premier, and Swizz Beats, the Akai MPC3000 is definitely one of the most significant production tools in the history of hip-hop.

What DAW does Eminem use?

TC Electronic 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay.

What DAW does Billie Eilish use?

Billie loves to utilize Apple’s Logic Pro X as her digital audio workstation program when creating songs, according to the DAWs used. Another big hitter in the pop music production field is Logic Pro X.

What DAW does Marshmello use?

Ableton Live and Logic Pro X are the two main DAWs used by Mac user Marshmello.


To answer the question “What DAW does Kanye use?”, you may find that he is not a huge fan of working “in the box” of a DAW when composing music. Although he likes to utilize hardware, a DAW is probably definitely employed in the recording, mixing, and mastering stages, just like it is with all modern music. To read more interesting topics like “What DAW does Kanye use?”,  you can access whatdouse.com.