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What Grip Does Tiger Woods Use On His Putter? – Golfer Guide 2022

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in the world. What may be a secret to some, is what ball he uses to play, what putter he uses to perform, or what grip does Tiger Woods use to make those amazing shots.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at his grip and how you can use it to improve your game. So, what grip does Tiger Woods use? Let’s find out!

Who is Tiger Woods? – TOP pro golfer

Debating on Tiger Woods state of game for the Masters | Golf Channel

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous and successful golfers in history. He was born on December 30, 1975 and grew up in Cypress, California. His father Earl Woods introduced him to golf when he was just two years old.

By the age of four, Tiger had become a junior golfer and began competing in tournaments at age five. He won the Junior World Golf Championships at just eight years old, becoming the youngest champion ever in that event.

What grip does Tiger Woods use on his putter?

The answer is that Tiger uses a standard golf grip on his putter. But, the question of whether or not he should wear gloves when he plays bad weather rounds is still debated. With the PGA Tour season in full swing and the pressure high, lets take a look at what Tiger Woods has been up to recently.

How Tiger Woods’ grip has changed through the years

So here we can take a look at what grip does Tiger Woods use through years

The Early Years of Tiger Woods’s grip

what grip does tiger woods use

Woods first appeared with a powerful grip, which he used when he won the 1997 Masters as a junior golfer. His left hand is positioned stronger on the side of the grip in order to cock his wrist more (as seen in the picture above).

Meanwhile, his right hand remains neutral or slightly strong-side of neutral. Combined, these two forces work together to push the shaft toward Woods’ target.

The grip led to a more powerful swing, but Tiger Woods said it was difficult to repeat and thus he made his first major change to his golf swing.

The Butch Years of Tiger Woods’s grip

what grip does tiger woods use

As Tiger and Butch told Golf Channel at the time, a slight tweak to Tiger’s grip was an indispensable part of the defining swing change of his career under legendary coach Butch Harmon.

More specifically, Butch weakened Tiger’s left hand grip, bringing it back to neutral from a previously strong position where he could see close to three knuckles on his right hand.

Although there is no perfect grip for everyone, the position of Tiger’s hands in 2000 was basically as textbook neutral as possible.

The Haney Years of Tiger Woods’s grip

what grip does tiger woods use

When Tiger Woods hired Hank Haney as his coach in 2004, he started focusing on hitting a fade. To do this, he changed his swing so that it was more laid-off and altered the way he released the ball.

But before all of that, he weakened his left hand grip even further. Under Harmon, his left hand had been in a strong position; now it was slightly weaker.

The Foley Years of Tiger Woods’s grip

what grip does tiger woods use

In 2010, Tiger and Foley joining forces. Prioritizing staying centered over the ball on the backswing and creating more shaft lean at impact, they strengthened Tiger’s left hand once again by moving it into a slightly-stronger position. His right hand appeared to be stronger too as a result of these changes.

Present Day of Tiger Woods’s grip

what grip does tiger woods use

Today, Tiger has found a grip that is very middle-of-the-road and it works for him. Both of his hands look slightly weaker than they have in past years. With all the experience he has under his belt, Tiger has been able to find a method that functions well for him, his swing, and his body by coached himself.

3 basic types of Golf grips on the market

So, we’ve done with what grip Tiger Woods uses, let’s widen this topic with 3 main grips on the market now.

Vardon or Overlapping Grip

The Harry Vardon Grip is popular among beginning golfers because it requires less hand movement. This grip also allows players with large, strong hands to still swing the club easily. To do this grip, trail-hand pinky finger goes in between the lead-hand’s index and middle fingers (for righties, leading hand is left).

Interlocking Grip

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The interlocking grip is popular among professional golfers such as Tiger Woods. To achieve this grip, place your hands on the golf club and intertwine your pinky finger on the trailing hand with the index finger on the lead hand. With smaller hands, you will have more control of

the club because of how locked together your hands are positioned. It also doesn’t need a lot of pressure from your fingers onto squeeze it when gripping Club handle, so if you have weak Hands, you’ll find that only very little effort needs to be expended.

Ten-Finger Grip


For this grip, press the pinky finger of the trailing hand against the index finger of the lead hand. Then, with use

the lifeline of the trailing hand to cover the thumb of the lead hand. This grip isn’t widely used but works for many golfers. Beginners, seniors, and women should explore this grip to see if it allows more power and distance in their game..

What other professional athletes use a similar grip?

How to Grip a Putter: 9 Ways the Pros Use - The New York Times

There are many other professional athletes who use a similar golf grip to improve their performance. Some examples include PGA Tour players Jordan Spieth, Sergio Garcia, and Adam Scott; LPGA players such as Lydia Ko and Lexi Thompson; and major winners in various other sports such as NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, NBA point guard Chris Paul, and tennis stars Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

These sport athletes all use a similar grip to Tiger Woods, which emphasizes control, power, and precision through the positioning of their hands on the golf club. While the specific grips used by these athletes may vary depending on factors such as hand size and body type, they all have one thing in common: a focus on the critical role that grip plays in optimal performance.

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced pro, the right golf grip can make all the difference when it comes to playing your best golf.


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