what keyboard does clix use

What keyboard does Clix use? In-depth look 2022 you should know!  

What keyboard does Clix use? – One of the best Fortnite gamers out there is Clix. He consistently places highly in Fortnite competitions and routinely displays his skill on his stream. Clix has a really sophisticated gaming setup. To achieve the finest performance, pro gamers employ the best gaming keyboards, mice, and PCs.

That’s why today whatweuse.com introduced to you the topic “What keyboard does Clix use?” 

Who is Clix? Look at Clix ‘s profile  

Clix from Misfits Gaming is one of the numerous young players that the Fortnite esports explosion has brought to light.

What keyboard does Clix use

Clix from Misfits Gaming is one of the famous skilled young players that the Fortnite esports explosion has brought to light.

At the age of 16, Clix began streaming on Twitch in 2017. He was successful on the platform after earning a spot in the first Fortnite World Cup. Clix may be young, but he understands how to stream like a pro with more than three million followers and numerous channel advertisers.

Clix is regarded as the best 1v1 higher ground taker and gamer in Fortnite. After advancing to the Fortnite World Cup, where he took first place and $58,000, Clix gained notoriety.

Do you know? Clix has more than 4 million followers on Twitch. His posted videos receiving tens of thousands of views in a short period of time further demonstrates that he is a well-known professional Fortnite gamer rather than just another online celebrity.

What keyboard does Clix use

Clix arrived at his destination thanks to his own keyboard. We will discuss what keyboard Clix uses and why he favors it in this article.

Indeed, his professional life has been a success since then. Many others attempt to imitate him due to his success and professionalism, especially by employing the gaming gear he favors. Everyone is therefore curious as to what keyboard, mouse, microphone, and chair Clix uses.

These inquiries will be answered in this post, because:

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What keyboard does Clix use?   

What keyboard does Clix use

What keyboard does Clix use? Matrix Elite Series 60% Gaming Keyboard.

What keyboard does Clix use? The answer is a Matrix Elite Series 60% Gaming Keyboard. Do you know?  The fastest and most accurate game inputs are possible with this mechanical ergonomic gaming keyboard.

He can play the game as swiftly and responsively as possible by doing this by translating his gestures and key presses into the game. Although the keyboard Clix utilizes is a little more difficult than just the ordinary one, it is not the one that is used on the shop floor.

The Clix keyboard is the Matric Elite Series, but like many professionals, he doesn’t just use the standard model. The particular keyboard has a black background with red keys encircling the left and right sides.

What keyboard does Clix use

In addition to a regular keyboard, Matrix also offers a model that is a perfect replica of the keyboard used by the player.

Some of the most advanced technology were used in the design of the Clix X Matrix 60% gaming keyboard. Its hot-swappable switches enable customers to have the greatest possible gaming experience. Because they are resistant to wear, friction, and solvents, the PBT double shot seamless keycaps are renowned for offering the highest comfort and durability for every gamer.

There are various game switches available for both the Clix keyboard and the basic Matrix Elite Series 60% keyboard. These address the various preferences that players may have.

However Clix’s unique Matrix-made keyboard is hard to come by, much like the mouse he uses. Compact and personalized to Clix’s tastes, the tournament-style keyboard has red and black keys all over.

It features one of the most brilliant RGB lightings found on a mechanical gaming keyboard, illuminating the keycaps and chassis in rich detail.

Additionally, water spills of practically any form won’t harm the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in most cases.

Clix’s Keyboard Review: Inside Look At What keyboard does clix use 

For expert gamers looking to enhance their entire gaming experience, the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a superb mechanical keyboard.

What keyboard does Clix use

Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a superb mechanical keyboard.

It introduces a particular degree of comfort to the gamer when they are playing because of how it enhances their gaming experience.

The Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard’s lack of an armrest is its only drawback. However, gamers will have even greater comfort when gaming if they choose to get an arm rest to utilize with the keyboard.

Clix must have seen something in this keyboard, and we may describe it with some benefits and drawbacks below:


  • Bright RBG

  • Water-repellent

  • Strong Keycaps

  • Gateron Switches


  • No armrest

  • Only 61 keys

It includes a Type C to Type A USB cable that will facilitate a faster connection and enable your computer to recognize key presses more quickly.

What Pink Keyboard Does Clix Use?

If you’ve been watching Clix’s Twitch feed, you’ve probably noticed that he utilizes a particular pink keyboard that some people don’t seem to understand.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret: Clix uses the Cotton Candy Pink Matrix Keyboard. What a surprise!

What keyboard does Clix use

Clix uses the Cotton Candy Pink Matrix Keyboard.

Because it was a holiday promotional item, there is presently no stock left of the pink Clix keyboard.  Despite the fact that this Clix Pink keyboard might not be readily available right now, you should be aware that it has a Pro feature and is therefore now unavailable.

Furthemore, the pink keyboard from Clix is water-resistant and can withstand accidental water spills without getting damaged. Hot-swappable switches, the optimal type for a mechanical keyboard, are used on the Clix pink keyboard.

What keyboard switches does Clix use?   

Cherry MX Blue switches are used on the Clix keyboard. This is a preferred option for many professional games. You’ll discover a lot of top Fortnite or professional Warzone players utilizing keyboards with these switches if you look through the listings of their setups.

What keyboard does Clix use

Cherry MX Blue switches are used on the Clix keyboard.

The switches are excellent for gaming because they have extremely quick actuation times. They feel receptive as well. This haptic response provides useful input regarding the buttons you are pushing while playing.

The choice of switches is frequently what sets apart a competent gaming keyboard from a superb one. While using the Clix keyboard gaming switches can improve things even more, mechanical keyboards are typically preferable to membrane keyboards for gaming.

Clix makes use of the Gateron switch that is standard equipment for the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

What keyboard does Clix use

Because of the technology utilized beneath the keycaps, the gateron switch might provide users with the highest performance and ultimate gaming experience. However, because everyone has a different preference for keyboard switches, the experience could differ from user to user.

Since the gateron switch only offers these switches, Clix may employ the blue, speed silver, brown, red, or optical yellow switches. Therefore, users will have a variety of keyboard switches to choose from depending on the switch you are used to.

The PBT Doubleshot keycaps are the best for gaming and are long-lasting enough to last a lifetime. They are located underneath the keyboard switch. Besides,

the RGB lights also do the keyboard switch justice by properly illuminating it, making it appear more colorful and distinctive.

What Server Does Clix Play On?

Clix utilizes the Fortnite Discord server, which is also known as the official Fortnite server. For individuals who like Clix and interested in free-to-play battle royale games, this server is perfect.

The server offers channels for any Battle Royale-related. Additionally, it helps players build groups based on the platform, geography, and game style.

Why we love: Unfold Best Keyboards for Valorant

The majority of players like Protanope mode at strengths 5-7. However, users should know that they can modify the colorblind mode to suit their needs because everyone’s eyes differ and may need a different mood.  The color-blind mode setting allows users for this characteristics.

The top keyboards for Valorant are listed below, along with whatweuse.com reasons for thinking they’re the best:

1# Havit Mechanical Keyboard 

What keyboard does Clix use

When playing Valorant on this keyboard, the lighting effects increase the tension. All of the keys on the keyboard are concurrently recognised thanks to an all-key rollover feature. For added comfort, this electronic device also features a retractable wrist rest. Additionally, it offers an RGB backlight mode for improved visibility.

2# Razer Huntsman Analog keyboard

What keyboard does Clix use

This keyboard incorporates analog optical switches that measure the depth of a keypress. For improved key visibility, it also incorporates a powered Razer chroma RGB display. The magnetic wrist rest that it has is perfect for gamers who play for extended periods of time. Light can travel through the opaque keycaps thanks to the smooth Double-shot PBT keycaps.

3# HyperX Alloy Keyboard 

What keyboard does Clix use

This keyboard’s body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum in addition to having nice lighting effects. This keeps the keyboard solid and structurally robust, perfect for gaming. Additionally, the keyboard feet are adjustable, which is excellent for ergonomics.


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In a nutshell, we want you to know that the interchangeable gateron switches on the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard are its most intriguing feature. The manufacturers incorporated so many professional features in mind, that’s why you should try it out and get it right away!