What mic does Drake use

What mic does Drake use to record vocals? – Music Artist Reveal 2022

What mic does Drake use? – This Topic will discuss famous talent – Drake, about: What mic does Drake use to record vocals. Why is this topic? Simply because we have seen loads of questions in audiophile forums, so let’s jump for it!

Who is Drake? – Famous music artist 2022

What mic does Drake use

Who is Drake? – Prominent talented music artist 

We would like to mention Drake’s profile: He is at the same time a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Drake hails from Canada. Drake, who was born and raised in Toronto, initially gained recognition in the early 2000s as an actor on the adolescent drama television program Degrassi: The Next Generation.

He released his first mixtape, Room for Improvement, in 2006.  In 2009, he joined Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, and in 2010, he issued his first studio album, Thank Me Later.

Drake’s fourth album, Views (2016), set several records on the charts. It became his first album to receive a number one Billboard 200 debut, and the RIAA awarded it triple platinum certification. With 245 million plays globally, the album also shattered the record for the most streaming in a single week.

The musician that puts in the most work in the hip-hop and R&B genres is perhaps Drake. Three weeks after the release of his 2010 album Thank Me Later, the musician and his longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib started work on the 2011 album Take Care, which was released in late November and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

In the following days, Drake would record music to the producer’s Mbox-based mobile setup on the bus and in hotel rooms while on tour, making appearances at the MTV Awards, BET Weekend, and other promotional outings.

What mic does Drake use? 

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What mic does Drake use? The Neumann U87 Ai revealed 

The cardioid, omnidirectional Neumann U87 Ai studio microphone has a 200 Ohms rated impedance and a 1 Kohms rated load impedance. A frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz is supported by the Neumann U87 Ai microphone.

What mic does Drake use

What mic does Drake use? Revealed the typical Neumann U87 Ai

Additionally, some individuals employ it as an instrument microphone. We are all aware that labor expenses play a significant role in the manufacture of machinery, particularly when it comes to items like the U87, which are virtually handcrafted.

The majority of microphone producers have simply outsourced their production to nations with cheap wages that can complete the task. Neumann microphones are still produced in Germany by skilled craftsmen who understand the significance of high-quality equipment.

Of course, there are a variety of microphones with more personality and output qualities that may sound “larger” than the Neumann M149. However, because it produces such realistic music, the Neumann U87ai is a superb option for audio recording.

What mic does Drake use? Sony C800G

Simply said, this is the cooling system that keeps the tubes running at a good temperature, which many audiophiles have judged essential to constant aural performance with little noise and distortion.

What mic does Drake use

Drake use Sony C800G as a mic for studio vocal recording

The Sony C800G is a great microphone for studio vocal recording, and it may also be utilized in post-production on movies. Kayne West, Travis Scott, Drake, Joss Stone, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, J Lo, and Dr. Dre are among the musicians who utilize the Sony C800G.

What mic does Drake use? Mojave MA-300

The Mojave MA-300 feels great and substantial when you first hold it. It has controls for a built-in -15 dB pad and a high-pass filter.

For a wide range of uses, including vocals, voiceover, radio, acoustic instruments, piano, drum overheads and drum rooms, symphonic and choral recording, whatweuse suggests the MA-300.

What mic does Drake use

Mojave MA-300 mic offers multiple functions for Drake while using

What mic does Drake use? Shure SM57

Drake is also known to utilize the Shure SM57 microphone.

A superb option for voices, musical instruments, and pickup, the Shure SM57 is a unidirectional dynamic microphone.

Additionally, it offers a superb cardioid pickup pattern that separates the primary sound source while reducing background noise and maintaining a clear output signal.

What mic does Drake use

Drake also use microphone Shure SM57

What mic did Drake use on Take Care?

Neumann mic for Drake’s vocals were maintained crisp and clear by Shebib, who used a Neumann mic through a 1073 because this is more of an R&B-oriented album than a more rap-focused one.

What mic do most rappers use? 

What mic does Kanye use?

Kanye often uses a microphone called Audio-Technica AT4050 Condenser Microphone.

What microphone does Billie Eilish use?

Billie Eilish also prefers the Neumann TLM 108 microphone. The mic was essential in getting a clean, high-quality recording of Eilish’s voice so that Finneas could work his magic and create the band’s distinctive sound.

What mic does Ed Sheeran use?

Since the beginning, Ed has always used Sennheiser mics, but for his 2014 US tour, he switched to the Digital 9000 for his vocal, loop vocal, and guitar.

Tips choosing microphone you should know 2022

Choosing microphone tips for your music production

You should first think about the kind of microphone – an important musical devices. You should pick the sort of microphone that will best capture your voice because different types of microphones pick up sound in various ways.

A condenser microphone is the best option if you want something that will capture the characteristics of your voice. Due to their capacity to record a wide spectrum of frequencies, these microphones are frequently employed in recording studios.

Next, you should think about the diaphragm’s size. Normally you can found it inside the instrument’s body. The frequencies that the diaphragm can take up depend on its size. A smaller diaphragm will respond more strongly to frequencies, whereas a bigger one will respond less strongly.

Because of this, it is common practice to employ larger diaphragms to capture low-frequency sounds while favoring smaller diaphragms for high-frequency sounds.

Finally, you should think about the cost. A good microphone doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it’s crucial to select one that fits your budget.

Take some time to look at Billie Eilish’s vocal mic or Joe Rogan’s mic setup for his podcast if you want a good grasp of how to choose microphones.

FAQs of What mic does Drake use

What are the best mic brands? 

Rode, Shure, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica. These companies provide a wide variety of goods to suit various requirements and competitive prices.

What special type of microphone should I buy for fap vocals? 

Actually, any sort of microphone can be used as long as it can record the appropriate frequency range, even if some types of microphones are better suited for rap vocals.

How much should I spend on a microphone? 

The cost of a microphone for rap vocals varies according to the type, brand, and features you select. The average microphone costs around $300, but if you want a higher-quality one, you might have to spend more.

Anything else besides a microphone should I need? 

You’ll need a microphone, a digital audio workstation (DAW), and certain plugins in addition to an audio interface. You may connect your microphone to your computer using these tools and record your voice.


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