[GAMING GUIDE] What mic does Jacksepticeye use in his setup 2022?

So, what mic does Jacksepticeye use? – If you’re a fan of online gaming, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Jacksepticeye. This Irish YouTube sensation has gained a massive following for his hilarious and engaging game commentary videos. But what microphone does he use to record those videos? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what mic does Jacksepticeye use and find out what gear he uses to produce his popular gaming content. So if you’re curious about the equipment behind one of the internet’s most beloved gamers, read on!

Who is Jacksepticeye?

jacksepticeye on which mic is the best for streaming - YouTube

Jacksepticeye is a famous gamer and vlogger on YouTube, who is frequently praised for the positive tone of his films and his infectious enthusiasm. Since 2010, he has been regularly posting videos to YouTube, where he has amassed over 8 million subscribers. Native Irish speaker Sean McLoughlin goes by the stage moniker Jacksepticeye. He and his sibling grew up playing computer games, and he eventually became famous for their exploits on YouTube.

Additionally, Jacksepticeye has made a name for himself in the charitable sector. He routinely teams up with other popular YouTubers like Markiplier and PewDiePie to generate money for a wide range of charities and other good causes.

Now, we know who he is, now let’s find out about: What mic does Jacksepticeye use?

What mic does Jacksepticeye use for his gaming videos?

Neumann U 87 Ai Switchable Studio Microphone

What mic does Jacksepticeye use

Given JackSepticEye’s tendency to swear, hoot, holler, scream and shout with unhinged glee, it’s safe that say that a high performing microphone is downright essential among JackSepticEye YouTube ready gear. The massively popular U 87 Switchable Studio Microphone from Nuemann is up to the task . Jacksepticeye’s microphone hosts three directional patterns , providing smooth frequency and exceptional response to relay every spare utterance of JackSepticEye’s shenanigans with brilliant clarity.

Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 microphone

What mic does Jacksepticeye use

The MKH416-P48U3 microphone is a super-cardioid condenser microphone that offers clear and consistent sound recordings. Its frequency response range is 40 – 20,000Hz, with a sensitivity of -32dBV/Pa and maximum SPL of 130dB. It requires phantom power of 48 +- 12V to run, meaning that it will need an XLR cable and audio interface (both sold separately) in order to work properly. The external windscreen, quick-release clip and carrycase are included.

So this is also the end of the answer to What mic does Jacksepticeye use. Let’s together watch a video where he says about them.What mic does Jacksepticeye use

An authentic check of what microphone does Jacksepticeye use

Here come an excerpt of what mic Jacksepticeye uses while livestreaming.

Other recommendations for streaming microphone from professionals

We’ve learned about what microphone does Jacksepticeye use in his setup, but it maybe not always suitable to everyone. Thus, here are some top-notch recommendations we have for our readers:

1. Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

Unless you’re tone-deaf, you know that Shure makes great audio equipment. Odds are, you’ve watched some of your favorite musicians use a Shure microphone onstage or in the studio. For years now, Shure has been supplying professional-grade microphones, and the MV 7 Podcast microphone is its way of bringing that top-notch sound to content creators.

2. Blue Yeti X

What mic does Jacksepticeye use

The microphone has a LED-lit front panel that usefully monitors your volume levels, and the sound quality remains top-notch. This ‘Smart Knob’ functionality also allows tweaks to gain, headphone levels (while using the built-in 3.5mm jack), and blend modes. That means you can adjust how loud you are in your headphones, how loud you sound to others and the volume of your headphones all from the front of the unit.

3. HyperX SoloCast

The HyperX SoloCast is a quality microphone offered at an affordable price. Unlike other cheaper options, the SoloCast offers portability and ease of use without sacrificing sound quality.

4. Rode NT-USB-Mini

Despite being a smaller mic, the Rode NT-USB-Mini still offers plenty of features that I want from a premium microphone. Not only is the audio quality on par with more expensive microphones, but it’s also an affordable option. The sound quality is good overall, although it tends to pick up some background noise. At just $100, this microphone seems too good to be true – but luckily for us, it isn’t!

FAQs of Jacksepticeye’s setup

Here are some other wonders of readers besides what mic does Jacksepticeye use

1. What keyboard does Jacksepticeye use?

Jacksepticeye’s gaming setup includes a Logitech G Pro keyboard, which has a solid plastic construction with a steel backplate for extra stability. The function keys can be set with macros on the Logitech G Hub Software and so can the LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting. It has Romer G keycaps that are set on Clicky GX Blue switches. These switches offer an actuation distance of 1.5mm with an actuation force of 45G and a total travel distance of 3.

2. What mixer does Jacksepticeye use?

This Mixer is equipped with enough channels to support either XLR or TS/TRS/TRRS microphones, and one headset at a time. There are also four faders on the left side of the mixer to control your microphone, music, chatting and system inputs—Each with its own mute button . The right half is home to some really fun vocal effects like pitch echo & gender-bending up top, and sample recordings you can use during live podcasts toward the bottom —You guessed it: That section has its very own mute & bleep button too.

3. What headphones does Jacksepticeye use?

Besides what mic does Jacksepticeyeuse, headphones of him also raises certain curiousity. Currently, he is using the Sennheiser HD 598. The Sennheiser HD 598 headphones are equipped with advanced noise-cancelling capabilities, effectively blocking out any external sounds so users can focus solely on their music or videos.

If you are interested in what other options of him, you can take a look at this article.

4. What mouse does Jacksepticeye uses?

Jacksepticeye uses a Logitech G Pro wired gaming mouse. The wired version of the Logitech G Pro mouse is ergonomically designed, round in shape and smaller than its wireless counterpart. Ambidextrous by design, it has two programmable side buttons on the right-thumb side that cannot be removed or switched.


You’ve now seen what equipment the world-class YouTuber – what mic does Jacksepticeye use in his work. By investigating and purchasing some of this top quality gear, you too can up your video editing game! Do you want to find out what other popular Youtubers use in their work? Stay tuned for our next article at whatdoesuse.com where we’ll breakdown other streamers’ unique set up.