What mic does ludwig use

What mic does Ludwig use to create content? -Update 2022- 

What mic does Ludwig use? – Or what microphone of Ludwig is that are some of the top questions related to Ludwig and his musical devices.

Ludwig is determined to be one of the most popular streamers on Twitch platform. So, have you ever questioned: ”What mic does Ludwig use to deliver his amazing content?” Find out in this article below with whatdoesuse.com.

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Who is Ludwig? – TOP YouTube streamers

What mic does ludwig use

Ludwig Ahgren is a well-known YouTuber and livestreamer who has millions of subscribers across all of his channels.

Ludwig started experimenting with streaming in May 2018, but later that year he made the switch to full-time streaming. Ludwig gained a limited but devoted viewership during his first few months on Twitch by exclusively playing games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Party, and Dark Souls.

What Mic Does Ludwig Use?

Ludwig's new stream room - YouTube

Answer the question: What mic does Ludwig use? 

What microphone does Ludwig use? The Shure SM7B is the response. Definitely, one of the top dynamic mics available is the Shure SM7B.

The SM7B’s excellent noise rejection capabilities account for a significant portion of its popularity. Additionally, it does a great job of picking up the bass in your voice. Because of how the capsule is made, the sound that it records is incredibly direct.

We have no problem recommending this microphone to streamers wishing to improve their set-up. Let’s look more closely at the reason why this microphone is so excellent.

what mic does ludwig use

What mic does Ludwig use – The ShureSM7B

However, before going any deeper, you also have to notice that the cost of this top-of-the-line microphone is absurdly costly, and you still have to purchase an audio interface (which will cost you at least $200) and a microphone stand in addition to that in order for it to function.

Why does Ludwig choose to use that mic?

Excellent noise rejection

The noise rejection on the Shure SM7B is outstanding. This is mostly due to the SM7B’s dynamic microphone characteristics, which makes it highly directional.

Instead of concentrating on the sides or back of the microphone, it concentrates on what is in front of it. Furthermore, using the mic effectively requires that you be relatively close to it. You can reduce the background noise in the room even more by getting closer to the microphone.

When talking about the answer of what mic Ludwig uses, which is SM7B, most users are addicted to the fantastic untouched space of this device. Indeed, with SM7B, you can actually get away without room treatment and still have a nice sound.

Amazing audio quality

The SM7B produces incredible sound. It has a little bass, but you can simply adjust the sound to your preferences thanks to the bass roll off switch.

This mic produces a lovely natural sound, which is why you hear it so frequently on podcasts and streaming services. The SM7B just provides great audio that gives you the impression that you are listening to some sort of radio program.

Moreover, the Shure SM7B also enjoys processing, which  can sound even better if you add some processing to it. Actually, i t always sounds fantastic no matter what changes you make to it.

Why should you buy Ludwig’s mic?

what mic does ludwig use

Why should you use the Shure SM7B?

Not everyone should use the Shure SM7B. However, we can without a doubt recommend the SM7B if you’re searching for a microphone that will look and sound great for a stream or podcast.

The SM7B is one of, if not the greatest dynamic microphone currently available. We just adore the way it sounds on the voice and consider it to be an excellent microphone. The Shure SM7B is also constructed like a brick and filters out a ton of ambient noise, which makes it used by Ludwig to produce his content.

What camera does Ludwig use?

The answer for “What camera does Ludwig use?” is Sony a7R II, a full-frame mirrorless device that works well for streaming and content creation.

what mic does ludwig use

Ludwig prefers Sony a7R II camera

The 42.5-megapixel sensor, which produces extremely sharp still photographs, is one of the first features that comes to mind when discussing the a7R II. This feature distinguishes the a7R II from several rival cameras that are priced similarly and is one of its key advantages above the ordinary a7 II.

However, recording resolution is more important for those who make video content. The a7R II can record in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, so it can handle that as well. Another crucial aspect of recording is maintaining camera stability, and the a7R II is the perfect camera for this task because of its integrated 5-axis stabilization. Even without an additional gimbal, the footage is clearly much smoother thanks to its stabilization.

Additionally, it includes 399 autofocus points, which support keeping the subject in focus while recording. Naturally, the a7R II is more expensive than the standard a7 II. However, the consumer receives a more polished device that is designed for usage with videos in exchange for that slight price increase.

It’s quite simple to understand why the Sony a7RII would appeal to a streamer like Ludwig considering the high frame rate, recording resolution, and strong autofocus.

What monitor does Ludwig use in 2022?

Ludwig makes use of a 24.5-inch Alienware AW2518H gaming display. This monitor immediately sticks out due to its 240Hz refresh rate, which is one of the main reasons explained why it is categorized as a gaming product rather than a conventional display.

ludwig devices

Ludwig makes use of a 24.5-inch Alienware AW2518H gaming display

Besides, 240Hz allows for smoother gaming performance because it has a refresh rate that is substantially quicker than the default ones that most monitors have. That extra smoothness can offer the Alienware user an edge in a competitive game.

Another strength of Alienware AW2518H is Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology, Even at higher frame rates, the G-SYNC mechanism always synchronizes images and lessens tearing.

What Mouse Does Ludwig Use?

The Finalmouse x Ninja Air58, a modified model that bears the name of fellow streamer Ninja, is Ludwig’s mouse.

The Finalmouse x Ninja Air58 mouse

The Air58 is quite pricey, but its uniqueness is the reason for this. The only method to get a mouse is to pay a much higher price on the secondary market since Finalmouse’s store always sold out of them.

Having said that, there is some justification for this mouse being among the most expensive ones available. It is incredibly lightweight – only 58 ounces, and was made with gaming in strict consideration.

What keyboard has Ludwig used recently ?

The keyboard Ludwig uses is the Ducky One 2 Mini. It is a small keyboard, as the name would imply, with no extra space or keys.

The conventional keyboard of Ludwig –  Ducky One 2 Mini.

Particularly, only 60% of the conventional layout is used on the keyboard. Without a doubt, not everyone will enjoy this. In an effort to conserve space, many keys are left out.

But if you require a little option, this is clearly among the best ones available. Also, like the majority of gaming keyboards, the Ducky One 2 Mini has RGB effects.

Reveal what headphones does Ludwig use?

Ludwig wears headphones made by Beyerdynamic, model DT990 Pro 250. For jobs like mixing and mastering, the over-ear design was specifically made with studio work in mind.

The headphones are marketed toward professionals, just like some of the other products on this list, and many professionals in the music industry and elsewhere use them.

These headphones are meant to be comfortable and can be used for extended periods of time without the wire becoming tangled. That might be a feature that’s crucial while editing a video.

FAQs of what mic does Ludwig use

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What graphic card does Ludwig use most of the time?

Ludwig has reportedly been utilizing the Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080ti graphics card, however it’s unclear if he still does.

What chair does Ludwig make use of? 

Herman Miller Embody chair.

Which microphone stand does Ludwig have?

Ludwig utilizes the PSA1 Rode microphone stand, similar to the majority of streamers using a Shure SM7B. Because it is solid, trustworthy, and incredibly durable, the PSA1 is the preferred choice among streamers and YouTubers.

Which headset does Ludwig use in his daily life?

Ludwig formerly had the Sennheiser HD 599 s and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II thanks to a sponsorship of electronic device with Bose. Currently, Ludwig is sporting SHP9500s from Phillips, so it appears the Bose sponsorship is over.

Even though it wasn’t actually designed for gaming, this headset is quite comfy and very reasonably priced. One of the possible explanations for Ludwig’s preference for this headset is the large L that is emblazoned on the ear cup.

What chair does Ludwig use to produce content?

Herman Miller is a high-end ergonomics manufacturer that creates chairs for individuals with big cash, in case you live under a rock. If you don’t have at least $1000 to spend on a chair, stay away from here, and Ludwig definitely uses this chair to create his product nowadays.


In all seriousness, there is a good reason why this microphone is a standard in the audio sector. You should give the SM7B a try if you want to enhance your present setup, because you  will be pleased with it just as much as Ludwig are.

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