What Mic Does TommyInnit Use? The Secrets About The Mic Of TommyInnit 

If you are a big fan of Minecraft, you probably know about TommyInnit, one of the top streamers of Minecraft on Youtube. “What mic does TommyInnit use?” is one of the most searched questions on Google or forums. Let’s get started and find out the answer for this question with whatdoesuse.com.

Who is TommyInnit?

Tommy or Tom Simons, better known as Thomas TommyInnit, is a major figure in the world of Minecraft and content production. He’s a huge deal in the streaming world, what with his one-of-a-kind brand of humor and endearing persona and all.

A YouTube creator who began posting clips as early as 2013 saw little success until the launch of his TommyInnit channel the following year. The Minecraft celebrity’s YouTube subscriber count skyrocketed after he began uploading Hypixel videos in which he played SkyBlock. In that time, he increased his subscriber base from around 6,000 to a whopping 66,000.

What mic does TommyInnit use?

Image via TommyInnit on Instagram

TommyInnit began to become famous on major social networking sites was only 18, is now one of the largest global content creation platforms. His main channel has over 11 million subscribers, his vlogging channel has over 5.4 million, his Twitch channel has over 7.2 million, and his TikTok account has over 11.6 million. TommyInnit is unstoppable in its ability to provide fans with varied and interesting content on a regular basis. 

And also from there the questions about the items used by TommyInnit such as what mic does Tommyinnit use? What kind of keyboard does TommyInnit use? What brand of headphones is used by TommyInnit? … today I will help you find the answer to the question what mic does TommyInnit use?

What mic does TommyInnit use ?

The AKG P120 Project Studio Condenser Microphone is one of a family of high-quality, cost-effective studio mics made by AKG. When it comes to low-priced studio mics, I frequently reach for AKG models because of their impressive build quality. Cheap microphones often have flimsy electronics and can easily be broken if they are dropped or otherwise mistreated.

What mic does TommyInnit use? He uses an AKG P120 High – Performance Microphone for his streams in casual. Condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern designed for high-quality sound recording. The AKG P120 has a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, making it ideal for recording vocals and instruments.

What mic does TommyInnit use?

What mic does TommyInnit use? – AKG P120

Why did TommyInnit choose AKG P120 High – Performance Microphone?

We have found the AKG P120 Project Studio Condenser Microphone to be among the best XLR microphones designed for home studios, and it is also one of the most reasonably priced options available. This AKG microphone is also among the best available.

We normally use dynamic microphones because the quality of condenser microphones in this price range just doesn’t seem to be adequate for use in a home recording studio (particularly if only recording vocals). The AKG Project Studio line, on the other hand, offers some impressive condenser microphones at reasonable prices, and the mics’ adaptability makes them worthy of consideration.

Self-noise and sensitivity are two factors in why dynamic microphones are more popular than low-end condenser models. The quality of your mastered track will suffer if you don’t eliminate the hissing white noise caused by self-noise.

Review AKG P120 High – Performance Microphone

The AKG P120 Project Studio Condenser Microphone is ideal for home studios and recording sessions. When working with condenser microphones in this price range, the quality does not seem to work for a home studio, which is usually where we would go for a dynamic microphone.

However, the AKG P120 is a great condenser mic with a lot of versatility. It has a self-noise level of 19 dB, which reduces white noise in your audio. As a result of using this microphone, you will have a better-mastered track.

There really isn’t anything negative to say about the AKG P120 for the price. It’s a versatile microphone that can be used for a variety of different applications and styles.

Sure, there are better microphones available, but if you’re on a tight budget, this one will suffice.

Polar pattern and frequency response 

The P120’s cardioid polar pattern and frequency response span 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Its performance is somewhat similar to that of the AT2020, in that it is rather warm and very slightly compressed.

This mic works well with a wide variety of singing styles and may be used with a wide variety of instruments.

The maximum sound pressure level is 130 dB, with the attenuation pad increasing it to 150 dB. There is a bass roll-off control on the P120 that mutes frequencies below 300 Hz.

What mic does TommyInnit use?

Studio vocals

This works wonderfully with a wide variety of singing styles. The microphone has some coloration, but not enough to be distracting.

Its high sound pressure level (SPL) also works well with louder, more aggressive music like metal or scream.

Live vocal

In theory, it could work for live vocals, but you’d be better off with a tried-and-true Shure SM58.

Although the P120 might be used as a close mic for drums, we find that it excels in an overhead setting.

Acoustic guitar amplification systems

The AKG P120 is well-suited for use with guitar amplifiers, while a brighter mic may be preferable if the tone you’re trying to capture is particularly murky.

Amplifiers for bass instruments This could be an excellent choice for capturing more of the bass cabinet’s midrange flavor.

Pair with a microphone designed to pick up bass for the best results.

Acoustical Guitar

The P120 works well on acoustic guitars, however it won’t offer you much shine if that’s what you’re after.

What mic does TommyInnit use?

Build quality 

The microphone feels substantial in the hand. Its metal body and grille make it fairly sturdy. You can safely drop it on the floor and it will keep working.

What it’s best for and who is the AKG P120 best suited for?

If you’re looking for the greatest condenser microphone for your home studio, go no further than the AKG P120. The high quality and adaptability of the recorded sound allow for the recording of a wide variety of instruments and vocalists, expanding the studio’s potential applications.

This means it can be used for broadcasting, or as a gaming microphone. It’s an improvement over a dynamic mic in that you can stand a little further back and still get a good sound. You can relax in your chair while playing the controller and still capture sounds.

And finally, you can employ it as a stage microphone. In case you haven’t noticed, we recommend the AKG P220 as the ideal mic for acoustic guitar, particularly while playing live. Although I haven’t tried it myself, I have a feeling it would work just as well with this model. The full spectrum of our instrument can only be captured by a microphone with a wide frequency range and a fast transient response.

After reading the last paragraph, you probably have the answer to the question “what mic does TommyInnit use” and is that mic right for you?

Reviews from customers who bought AKG P120 High – Performance Microphone

Feedback from S. Melmoth:

I also consulted a lot of articles about “what mic does TommyInnit use” and then I found my true love. Last year, I invested in the AKG P120 High-Performance Microphone.

The 120 is a respectable microphone for simple home recordings, and a good preamp can do wonders with it. Although the company’s higher-end microphones are always reliable, some of the company’s cheaper models are hit-or-miss.

The Audiotechica 2020 is a superb microphone for the price (albeit you are limited to a single polar pattern) and is another viable alternative in this price range. Having used them as overhead lighting, I can say that they are satisfactory. Moreover, that mic is often included in a bundle with headphones or something similar, making it essentially free.

Thank you for your time, and good luck!

Feedback from Richgilb:

In my possession is the Perception 100, the model preceding the 120, and it is an excellent microphone. I tried it out in a studio with just two mics and a thousand dollars and it was almost spot on. It lacked the audible lack of self-noise, but came very near to being just as bold. The construction is superior to both my Lautens and my Blue mics. Do yourself a favor and just buy it. The price is quite low considering the quality. It works great for any task I’ve thrown at it so far. There were zero issues with the piano, bass guitar, room mic, male vocal, female vocal, or electric guitar.

Feedback from Jason:

I’m a fan of TommyInnit so I also searched for reviews about what mic does TommyInnit use before, then I found the right one for me. And for well over a year, it was an integral part of my life. I shopped around for an interior microphone constructed of acoustic guitars and other objects with a decent quality-to-cost ratio because I needed it for voting purposes (and not only singing). I didn’t need a material with amazing fidelity in all frequencies because I do so much post-registration work on the acoustic sound, but I did want a clean output. This microphone has completely consumed me. A phantom-powered preamp is what I use. Each of my connectors is high-quality, precise, and fully functional.


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